We are possibly living in one of the most transformational and exciting times in all of human history. The quest for self discovery not only within ourselves but in all of humanity has perplexed some of the most intellectual minds that have ever stepped foot on the planet. 

The secrets of our ancestral roots are slowly being revealed as we begin to make observations that tie together some of the many civilizations that have set foot before us. The latest breakthroughs in science not only pave the way for a modern understanding of our physical world but are creating links to what has been evident in these societies from the very beginning.   

The choices we make on a daily basis not only effect us personally but can be felt by individuals around the world. As we strive to become more aware of our individual role in this time of great change, we begin to merge ourselves into a collective upliftment of visionaries, entrepreneurs and truth seekers, being the change and role model for generations to follow. 

Redefining Reality with Bryan Hardy

Join Bryan Hardy as he explores the connection and role that we as humans have to the many aspects of our collective experiences here on earth. From energetic intuition to alternative lifestyle, Bryan does not let a stone go un turned in his podcast that redefines our collective assumptions on what reality could very well be. 

Position: Mixing and Mastering Engineer 

This is Where I Live 

Step into the world of off grid technology, where healthy living is created through environmental sustainability and economic efficiency. Connect with the many individuals and families who have been pioneering this so called radical lifestyle and learn the ways in which you can make the effort to become a part of this new movement. 

Position: Location Sound Recordist 

7 Day Urban Meditation Challenge 

Join Hilary and Sarah as they open the floor to new comers and curious on lookers and introduce them into the world of beginner style meditation techniques. They have created an easy and comprehensive guide to self exploration, mindfulness and guided meditation practices. 

Position: Recording Engineer/ Music Composer/ Dialogue Editor/Mixer

 Messages From Shaltazar

Join Jeffrey Eisen as he explores the  teachings of Shaltazar, channeled messages from the divine. Topics include surrendering to the energetic ebbs and flows in our life stream, and becoming the observer of the many roles in which we are consciously playing out on a daily basis. 

Position: Recording Engineer/Music Composer/Dialogue Editor/Mixer

Earth Moon and Sun Energetics 

Join Daniela Rambaldini Medical Intuitive as she explores ways in which we create our own realities based on the choices we make on a daily basis. Topics include overcoming chronic fatigue sydrome, cultivating conscious relationships, and meditating and connecting with plant sprits. 

Position: Sound Recordist

The Flower of Life Via Pleiades 

Here we chronicle the life of Stephen Izreal, energy healer and world traveler.  Topics include detailed discussion on the multidimensional structure of our being, the spiritual evolution of humanity, and the integration of masculine and famine qualities that are present within every one of us. 

Position: Recording Engineer/Music Composer/Dialogue Editor/Mixer

Divine Align and the Higher Love Meditations

Join Hilary Bowring  as she takes you on a meditative journey helping you clearing old programming on self destructive belief habits and low perceptions of self worth.

Position: Recording Engineer/Dialogue Editor/Mixer

LSD - Not For Sale 

Join Indigo Prophet as he raps using conscious lyrics that inspire us to explore the boundaries of our human experience. From Johnny Cash inspired beats to Acoustic Melodies, this is definitely an album that has the potential to resonate with you at a fundamental level.

Position: Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer