If you were to ask me now, 528 Recordings was always intended to be more of an experiment than anything else. It was my attempt to bridge together my craft and a new found interest in spiritual sciences by consciously living out an experience. This was 2013 and I was in a much different place than I am now. There was an urgency to change my life into something different and this was my answer to it at the time. 

The name comes from the 528hz Solfeggio frequency which is derived from a scale used in ancient musical notation. This specific tone has been coined as the “Love" frequency and is said to have transformative healing properties and used to repair broken DNA. Whether this is true or not is questionable but that never really mattered to me so much. It was more about exploring ways in how I could utilize the concept and incorporate it to my work. If I could learn to live more from my heart and connect with like minded individuals who were also trying to create similar experiences for themselves then it was all success at the end of the day. 

Around that time I was also beginning to explore Cymatics which is a term used to describe modal wave phenomena and the effect that sound has on physical matter. What intrigued me most was the idea that sound and vibration played some sort of role in crystallizing matter from formlessness into form. I used a mixture of intention, visualization and sound as a theme to help carry these ideas forward by engaging with my environment through interactive live art, vibrationally bridging the gap from the unmanifest into the manifest, continuously overcoming the endless obstacles and challenges that spirit threw into my path by learning to live through my heart by embodying concept of the 528 solfeggio tone.

The cycle is endless.